Debt Calculator - How Does Your Debt Compare To the National Average?

Debt Calculator

Our simple to use debt calculator will help you determine how your debt obligations compare against the national average.

Your Monthly Household Income (Before Taxes)
Regular Salary$
Average Non-Regular Income
(e.g. contract jobs, stocks, shares etc.)

Your Monthly Housing Cost/Expenses
Monthly Mortgage Payments / Monthly Rent$
Electricity, Gas, Cable TV, Internet etc.$

Car Costs
Monthly Car Loan Payments$
Gas Expenses and Car Service$

Other Loans
Credit Card Payments$
Student Loan(s)$
Alimony / Caregiving$
Other Monthly Loan Payments$

Other Monthly Expenses
Health Insurance$
Food Expenses$
Public Transportation$
Children Expenses$
Fun / Leisure Expenses$
Other (not listed above)$

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